A Guide To Home Privacy To Stop Your Prying Eyes

Do you live in a townhouse? Do you live off a busy main road? Are you in the habit of walking around in your birthday suit? Is your bedroom visible from below? Do live on the ground floor of an apartment block? Is your garden fence too low? Is your neighbour in the habit of spying on you? If the answer to these questions is yes, youre going to need to start thinking about home privacy treatments. Youre going to have to protect yourself from prying eyes.

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Heres what you should do.

1. Buy privacy window films. Plenty of other good retailers are also out there. Privacy films can be either reflectivei.e. one wayor frosted filmsoffering two-way privacy.

2. Buy bamboo plants. In order to ensure privacy in your garden, you might want to think about buying big massive bamboo plants. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant found in Asia and some parts of Africa. It grows rapidly and very tallcertain species growing more than eight feet. So, put up a row of bamboo plants in front of your fence, and that way no nosey parkers will be able to see into your garden.

3. Buy net curtains. People on mums net seem to find net curtains dowdy, and theyre all looking for alternatives to them. But net curtains are effective. You can have them in front of your regular curtains, and use them during the day, when youre getting changed, for example. They come in a variety of thickness options, ranging from sheer to thick.

4. Buy potted plants for inside. Big philodendrons in pots can be great for blocking windows and keeping people from looking in. If you dont want to splash out on something as permanent as shutters, just buy a few tall plants and, so long as you arrange them properly, they may prove surprisingly good at covering the window.

5. Remember to close your laptop. Not only can people see you from the outside, nowadays people can also see you from the inside. New technologies come with their dangers, and, as such whistleblowers as Edward Snowden proved, spies and hackers can see you through your laptops webcam. So, remember: just because your paranoid doesnt mean theyre not trying to get you. Cover your webcam with a piece of plastic. Cover your peephole with a sticker. Dont let them see you. Theyll contaminate you with their eyes. Dont let them see you.

Well there you go. Those are five things you should do to stop them looking in. Just remember: if you have nothing to hide, then it shouldnt even matter if they see you. So live impeccable lives, be model citizens, dont keep any skeletons in the closet, and then you wont even have to buy frosted windows.