Finding Properties In Beautiful Estepona

Dreaming of clear blue skies, palm lined beaches and white-washed villages? Experience it year-round in Estepona. Its one of the prime locations in Costa del Sol.

This sunny town welcomes both foreigners and Spanish residents to buy a holiday home. Read on to see whats in store for you in Estepona.

Overview of Estepona

Estepona nestles in the autonomous community of Andalusia in Southern Spain. It overlooks the turquoise waters of the Alboran Sea. Mountainous areas and small streams cross this fertile valley as well.

Stone-age tools unearthed in Estepona suggest that its inhabited since prehistoric times. Its bay hosted the Battle of Estepona in 1342. The feud is between the Spanish Kingdom of Aragon and the Moroccan Marinid Dynasty.

Even today, the town still evokes an old-world charm. International travelers can reach Estepona using the Malaga Airport. Then, theres a toll road connecting Malaga and Estepona.

Its always sunny in Estepona. Fair weather dominates 330 days of the year. The area experiences hot and very dry summers. Meanwhile, winter days are mild and pleasant. Average annual temperatures reach over 18 °C.

This agreeable climate makes outdoor activities uninterrupted. Cycling, tennis and golf are popular along with many coastal activities.

Estepona Properties

Districts in Estepona offer different properties. First, theres the Old Town with its 18th century houses. Modern facilities are installed in these buildings. A few home owners are now reselling small apartments.

Theres only a handful of bars and shops in the Old Town and its also free from traffic. Stroll along its narrow and meandering streets lined with potted flowers. The relaxed and romantic vibe is enough to make anyone fall in love.

Blocks of newer apartments and town houses surround the Old Town. These were built beginning in the 1970s and into the 2000s. Their architecture still draws inspiration from the traditional white-walled houses of yesteryears.

Restaurants and tapas bars are scattered across the town, but they densely line the port area. Their menus feature fresh and locally caught seafood. This showcases the bounty of this old Andalusian fishing village.

Estepona is renowned for its 21 km coastline. Two of its beaches are Blue Flag certified. Many housing complexes have sprung along the coastline. These consist of villas, townhouses and apartments.

There are properties built near the beach. Others are located on the mountainside. If you want to be away from all the activity, there are several country houses and villas found in the rural inland.

A property in Estepona will set you back at an average of 2,287 EUR per square meter.